Cable grommets in industrial production

Rubber cable grommets protect cables and wires and group them together in an organised manner. They are thus in line with other rubber protection devices such as cable bushings, anti-kink grommets, tension relief devices, etc. In the design of machines and technical equipment, they thus have the important task of ensuring a safe and long-lasting electrical supply. Cable grommets have developed from simple sleeves to protect cables to complex and sophisticated components that are precisely designed to meet the requirements of the respective application. Safety, durability and resilience are key quality parameters. Rubber cable grommets have become indispensable components due to their versatile application possibilities and their protective function.


Continuous expansion of the fields of application for rubber cable grommets

The development of cable grommets towards increasingly differentiated components is a consequence of the increase in complexity in many areas of engineering. The ever-increasing digitalization of almost all areas of life inevitably leads to a multiplication of the required electronic wires and cables. More and more industries require specialized rubber cable grommets, which can be optimally combined with the design of the systems. In addition, there are the diverse fields of application for cable grommets on the housings of electronic devices and machines. In this area, the rubber cable grommet is a central protection device that prevents liquids, gases or dirt from penetrating the inside of the housing. In addition, the development of new products and machines continuously opens up new fields of application for rubber cable grommets.


Cable grommets from GUMMIVOGT - quality and innovation

The company GUMMIVOGT has been producing technical moulded rubber products such as cable grommets, rubber buffers, rubber plugs, etc. for customers in the automotive and electrical industries as well as in plant and mechanical engineering for decades. The basis for many years of successful cooperation is based on three central pillars:  Firstly, through intensive cooperation with our suppliers, we ensure the continuous raw material and product quality of all materials, which form the basis of our rubber cable grommets. Here we rely on long-term cooperation with reliable suppliers and prefer to double check. Secondly: When manufacturing cable grommets and all other products in-house, we rely on an unconditional quality policy. Our employees are encouraged to continuously improve the work and production process in the manufacture of rubber cable grommets. They receive the necessary expertise and the latest specialist knowledge through regular training courses and seminars. The third central aspect is the intensive exchange with our customers. The demands placed on cable grommets and technical moulded rubber products have changed considerably in recent years. GUMMIVOGT is committed to actively shaping the development of new technologies through innovative products and thus contributing to the optimisation of their safety and service life.