Laminar plugs - special features and advantages

Round laminar rubber plugs are a widely used type of technical plugs that can be pressed into drill holes or other openings. After pressing in the plug, the lamellas have the task of firmly and securely holding the plug in the opening and ensuring a particularly secure fit and locking. This way, laminar rubber plugs provide reliable protection against liquids or other substances penetrating from the outside. It is also possible to use the plugs as sealing caps for pipes or other containers with respective openings. The plugs then function as corks or stoppers and also effectively protect substances inside the container against external influences. The flexible lamellas have the advantage that they can be easily inserted into an opening or a drill hole and then be pressed against the outer walls of the opening by a slight expansion within the opening to stabilise it. This ensures a particularly secure hold of the plug in the opening.

Plugs with rubber lamellas can also be used for protection of objects or furniture on the floor. The laminar rubber plugs then form flat rubber feet that protect the object and still allow to move it. As a safe and easy to install plug with the option to be replaced or removed, there are no limits to the use of laminar plugs. Accordingly, they are used in almost all fields of industrial production, mechanical engineering and construction. The shape and size of the plugs made of rubber are also perfectly adaptable to the respective requirements and are produced by GUMMIVOGT in various sizes and variants.


GUMMIVOGT high-grade laminar plugs

Laminar rubber plugs are a safe solution when it comes to sealing drill holes or other openings and reopening them if necessary. GUMMIVOGT laminar plugs can also be used to reliably seal pipes. GUMMIVOGT plugs are also highly valued in a wide variety of industries as absolutely reliable, easy to install and just as quickly replaceable closing options. However, the quality of a product usually only becomes apparent when permanent loads are applied on the laminar rubber plugs. Mechanical loads and weather influences can impair the accuracy of fit of rubber plugs and can also pose the risk of the opening no longer being securely closed or even falling out.

Round laminar rubber plugs from GUMMIVOGT offer complete safety in all fields of application. All common diameters can be realised - special designs in economical batch sizes are also possible. A blind hole enables quick and safe positioning and installation of the laminar plugs even in places difficult to access, as the laminar rubber plugs can be conveniently pressed into the opening using a mounting aid. The elastic lamellas precisely adapt to openings and threads and ensure a firm and reliable hold. GUMMIVOGT laminar rubber plugs are available in the materials EPDM (black), silicone (red) and NBR (black). The exact characteristics of the respective rubber qualities with regard to parameters such as temperature, ozone, oil and weather resistance etc. can be found in GUMMIVOGT's standard delivery range brochure.