Moulded rubber parts - advantages and range of application

Moulded rubber parts are mechanically manufactured products that are used in almost all areas of industry. Due to their robust and easily modifiable properties, they have become indispensable in modern economy as well as in series and mass production. Moulded rubber parts are used in particular where permanent elongation at break and impact elasticity must be guaranteed. The main tasks of moulded rubber parts can be summarised as damping, protecting, insulating and sealing. As many of the industrially used moulded rubber parts are required for special, product-specific tasks, order-related series according to customer requirements are often used. The ability to absorb forces, combined with its elastic, insulating and flexible properties, makes moulded rubber parts the ideal medium in many areas for the effective protection of zones and the safe storage and installation of machine components.

The success story of elastomers in industry and production

In contrast to metal, wood or stone, moulded rubber parts - from the perspective of their material history - are relatively young products. It was not until the middle of the 19th century that the vulcanization process made it possible to convert the natural product rubber into elastomers. This was the starting point for an unprecedented development of moulded rubber parts and other products made of elastomers. The enormous demand and wide range of applications for moulded rubber parts becomes clear when one considers that many materials used in the manufacture of machines and products are hard and rigid. In this respect, elastomers are the ideal addition to the field of construction. Today, moulded rubber parts can be found in all branches of industry, where they serve multifunctional purposes.

High demands on moulded rubber parts

Rubber products have developed into increasingly complex components used for a wide variety of tasks. The production of high-quality moulded rubber parts today is a complex process that requires the complete control and quality assurance of all production steps and suppliers. This is the only way to ensure that the respective product properties are achieved reliably and maintained over the long term. Durability and reliability of all components are central aspects of successful production for manufacturers of premium products. No producer in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering or of other quality products can afford to make compromises in this respect.

Moulded rubber parts from GUMMIVOGT

All GUMMIVOGT products are designed to meet the high requirements for maximum service life, effectiveness and reliability. They have been used successfully for decades in the most diverse areas of industrial production. Moulded rubber parts from GUMMIVOGT are not only excellently processed, they also offer precisely the properties required for their application.  Due to the sometimes strongly varying influences acting on technical rubber components, it is important to be able to precisely determine the quality properties and thus the future behaviour of the moulded rubber parts. Taking into account the expected influences (gases, acids, oils and greases, liquids, temperature, UV radiation, abrasion and other mechanical influences), GUMMIVOGT can determine and maximise the service life of its products. If replacement is necessary, the excellent assembly properties of the moulded rubber parts facilitate removal and reassembly.