Rubber dampers - all-rounders in industrial production

Rubber dampers are also referred to as rubber buffers or rubber plugs. They are used in almost all areas of industrial production and are indispensable components of machines and products as protective and damping elements. Their use has become so natural that rubber dampers are often no longer perceived as components in day-to-day use. But in fact, the absorbing and protective properties of rubber dampers are often central aspects in the design of machinery and utensils.

Fields of application of rubber dampers

Rubber dampers have the ability to absorb kinetic energy and are therefore an important addition to the mostly brittle and hard materials used in the construction of machines or furniture. Typical applications are doors or flaps that are protected by rubber dampers against hard slamming and vibrations. Rubber dampers are also frequently used for mounting aggregates, motors or other objects that are exposed to kinetic energy or vibrations. The possibility of being able to modify rubber dampers specifically for the respective application has an extremely beneficial effect: High-quality elastomers used in the manufacture of rubber dampers are specifically provided with special properties or resistance to external influences.

GUMMIVOGT high-grade rubber dampers

Rubber dampers and a large variety of other moulded rubber parts from GUMMIVOGT have been used for decades in various areas of industrial production. They offer a wide range of possibilities in the design and protection of technical devices and products. This becomes evident when considering how the property parameters of GUMMIVOGT rubber dampers - depending on the industry and expected loads - can be adapted to the operating environment. The in-house mould, tool and plant construction also makes production extremely flexible.

Product quality and production spectrum

The large production spectrum and the additional option of realising individual customer requests in economical batch sizes make GUMMIVOGT the ideal partner for demanding customers of rubber dampers such as the automotive industry or mechanical engineering. Since rubber dampers are not only exposed to continuous loads, but also have to guarantee the safety of entire systems, the quality requirements are extremely high. Accordingly, the company places great emphasis on seamless control of all production steps and suppliers: Only this way can norms, standards and laws be reliably complied with for the individual industries. This gives GUMMIVOGT's customers absolute safety when using rubber dampers and all the company's other products. You can rely on quality standards that impress in every respect with their functionality, long service life and compliance with all environmental and legal guidelines.