Rubber Dummy Plugs

Rubber dummy plugs represent various types of protective plugs for surfaces. Whilst rubber dummy plugs usually have a round shape when used, there are also oval and rectangular shapes available. The dummy plug name for the rubber products has the same significance as the blanking-off term as in the architectural use of cover or facing. The dummy plug masks an opening and thus makes it quasi invisible. An alternative name for rubber dummy plugs is car body plug, rubber cover cap or rubber plug. No standard formulations have been established here in manufacturing with the result that the various names are often synonymously used for the same products. Rubber dummy plugs can be deployed in a multitude of ways and are accordingly used in a string of industries and production fields. Their purpose, as a rule, is to quickly precision-seal holes in surfaces and to re-open them, as required. Installing rubber dummy plugs is easy. A slight pressure applied presses the plug into the opening where it snaps into place in a flush-like manner. In this way, the most varied of openings can be quickly sealed in an optically appealing manner and unblocked, when required.

Buffers, plugs and mounting feet


GUMMIVOGT rubber dummy plugs

The fields of application of GUMMIVOGT rubber dummy plugs cover a wide area and accordingly differentiated are the requirements placed on the products. Dummy plugs subject to atmospheric influences or other effects need to meet particularly stiff requirements on accurate fitting and durability. And then there is the optical component: the dummy plug should still be smooth, uniform and colour-fast after a lengthy period of use. GUMMIVOGT dummy plugs fulfill all these parameters and are available as car body plugs or rubber plugs in the most varied of designs. The precision and durability of rubber dummy plugs from GUMMIVOGT are excellent. They reliably stop liquids, gases and dirt from penetrating the sealed openings and are easy to fit without any tool needed. GUMMIVOGT dummy plugs have been effectively deployed in the most diverse of industries for many years and have proven their worth in very challenging sectors. The company’s quality policy has more than paid off. After all, continuous quality checks and feedback from customer and suppliers have not only served to maintain the high, internal-company standards but also to continually improve on them.