• Planning and development

    CAD/CAM solutions of the latest generation

  • Own production facility

    directly on site

  • Precision
    is our passion

  • Formenbau

Planning and development

Precision is our passion

Whether large-scale production or special articles – we are perfectly equipped for it: With our modern machine park and the use of carbide tools with internal cooling as well as touch / laser / measuring and breakage control systems. Camera-supported visualisation of tool cutting enables us to ensure repeat accuracies in the range of thousandths of a millimetre. This leads to long service lives and high output rates of our transfer molds and ensures the consistent quality of the vulcanised products.

With us, nothing is left to chance: The bidirectional connection of the production units to our ERP system and the data exchange of the process parameters enable us to monitor all production steps and to readjust them quickly if necessary. The connection of tool, mold and device construction with design and administration allows direct access to information without media discontinuity and thus ensures a reliably efficient workflow.

With our know-how in precision technology, the consistent digital merging of processes as well as constant optimisation of process flows, we offer our customers fast response times and minimise friction losses.


CAD / CAM support

CAD / CAM solutions of the latest generation support our development team in the design of complex geometries and enable optimisation of the design of highly efficient vulcanisation molds.

To make the manufacturing process reliable and to remain internationally competitive, we also design and manufacture PLC-controlled systems and devices for mold handling.


Mold- / tool- and device construction

In our mold- / tool- and device construction department, prototype tools and series tools are manufactured according to drawings or samples. All common elastomers for all areas of industry as well as plant and mechanical engineering are used here.

Our specialist area is the manufacture of small precision parts and standardised component groups. The unit weight of our technical molded rubber articles varies from 0.05 g to 10 g.

Our modern machine park in mold/tool and device construction provides a high degree of flexibility and short response times:

  • CNC milling machines (Hermle AG)

  • surface grinding machines (Elb-Schliff)

  • CNC turning machines (EMCO)

  • Use of non-contact measuring equipment

CNC milling machines

U 1130 Hermle AG, 1130 * 720 * 630 mm, IKZ 40 bar

U 1130 Hermle AG, 1130 * 720 * 630 mm, rotary 4th axis, IKZ 40 bar

B 300 V Hermle AG, 800 * 600 * 500 mm, IKZ 40 bar

B 300 V Hermle AG, 800 * 600 * 500 mm, simultaneous rotary 4th axis, IKZ 80 bar

Maho MH 700 C, MAHO, 700 * 500 * 450 mm



EMCO Super11 CD

Feinbau second operation lathe

Grinding machines

ELB SWBE10 SPS, retrofit 2021 magnetic plate 1000 * 600 mm

Deckel SOE cutter grinding machine

Dalex drill grinding machine

Other machines

Nabertherm N81 annealing furnace, 100 ton workshop press, Cold Jet dry ice blasting machine, Atlas 850 high-speed planing machine, Mitutoyo profile projector, Bareiss hardness tester, upright drill presses (Alzmetall, Cordia, Ixion),   saws (Mössner Rekord band saw, mitre saw), ultrasonic cleaning system, PLC part washer, semi-automatic blasting machine, Boge 22 KW screw compressor

Production facility directly on site

In the production of our technical molded rubber parts, we rely on the proven quality of German mechanical and plant engineering:

  • PLC-controlled vulcanising presses (Wickert Maschinenbau GmbH) with 300 t and 500 t pressure capacity / multi-zone controlled heating plates / vacuum equipment
  • PLC-controlled handling and demolding equipment
  • PLC-controlled cryogenic plants for the generation of ultra-low temperatures (deburring)
  • PLC-controlled parts washing systems
  • PLC-controlled systems for thermal post-treatment

This guarantees a consistently high product quality and reproducibility of our vulcanised products.

The vacuum-assisted transfer molding process with self-contained mold concepts allows us to change molds quickly. We only use high-quality rubber grades that meet a wide range of standards in accordance with automotive specifications. The result are wear-resistant vulcanised products with tight dimensional tolerances and excellent material properties for a wide range of applications in all areas of industry.