Order tracking made easy:

GUMMIVOGT offers innovative service for customers

The satisfaction of our customers is always our top priority at A. Vogt GmbH u. Co. KG. In order to offer you a transparent and efficient service, we are pleased to introduce our new order tracking service.

You will now find a QR code on your order confirmation, giving you direct access to the latest information regarding your order. This innovative approach allows you to track the progress of your project in real time, without the hassle of enquiries or phone calls.

Scanning the QR code takes you directly to a user-friendly platform where you can view the current status of your order. From confirmation to production and delivery, you can get all the relevant information at a glance, quickly and conveniently.
This new order tracking service is a further step in our endeavours to offer you maximum transparency and customer satisfaction. We utilise modern technology to make your experience with A. Vogt GmbH u. Co. KG as smooth and informative as possible.

We are pleased to be able to offer you this added value and are of course always available to clarify any questions or provide additional information. You can rely on A. Vogt GmbH u. Co. KG - we go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

How do I scan a QR code?

Das Scannen eines QR-Codes ist einfach und unkompliziert. Hier sind die Schritte, um einen QR-Code zu scannen:


Prepare your smartphone: Make sure that your camera function is activated and open the camera app on your smartphone.


Align the QR code: Point the camera at the QR code. Hold the smartphone so that the QR code is fully visible in the camera image.


Allow focussing: Wait a moment for the camera to recognise and focus on the QR code. Some cameras recognise the QR code automatically.


Recognition and action: As soon as the QR code has been recognised, a notification or link may appear. Tap it to open the linked web page, text or action.


Use application: Depending on the content of the QR code, this can lead to websites, applications, contact details or other relevant information.

Note that many smartphones already have an in-built QR code scanner function, so you may not need to install a separate app. Simply hold your camera in front of the QR code and your smartphone will do the rest.