Our customers

Our customers operate in the most diverse industries and branches of industry. We supply regional and medium-sized companies as well as global corporations. In addition to our extensive standard product range, we also manufacture custom-made products in the corresponding quantities.

In addition to the excellent temperature, weather and media resistance of all GUMMIVOGT products, compliance with the current REACH and RoHS regulations as well as all legal requirements is of central importance for our customers across all industries. Below you will find an industry-specific overview of our services and products.


The diverse and differentiated field of manufacturers of machines, equipment and electrical cabinets requires small rubber parts in a wide variety of sizes, designs and variants. The spectrum ranges from prototype construction to mass production. For us, the industry represents a central group of customers in which almost the entire GUMMIVOGT product portfolio is used.


We supply well-known manufacturers in the automotive and vehicle industry and their suppliers. As the industry is under particularly high pressure to innovate and improve quality, the requirements for quality, appearance and resistance to external influences (temperature, UV radiation, oil, etc.) are particularly demanding here. Accordingly, high-quality and durable materials are required throughout. Almost the entire spectrum of our products is used in this industry as well.


Cables for the transmission of energy or signals are present in all areas of life. The professional and appropriate assembly by professional cable assemblers is therefore gaining more and more importance. In addition, as in many other industries, a progressive specialisation is taking place. Products for cable bundling and cable protection such as grommets and bushings are in increasing demand in this industry.


High dielectric strength and resilience under dynamic loads are particularly important in this industry. Cable bushings, grommets, cover caps and other moulded rubber products in a wide variety of designs are used here. The simplified assembly, which is made possible by GUMMIVOGT products, also plays an important role.


A large number of other industries relies on the GUMMIVOGT quality. This includes the medical technology industry, the construction and furniture industries, manufacturers of sports and play equipment and a wide variety of vehicle manufacturers. GUMMIVOGT’s extensive range and flexible production options set no limits to the applicability of the products.