Bumper Stops — Indispensable on a Daily Basis and in Industry

Both at home and in industrial production, vibrations in technical equipment and kinetic energy transfers are ever-present phenomena. The widespread use of bumper stops is for stopping or reducing the transmission of these energies. They occur so frequently that one is often not even aware of their deployment and physical impact in one’s familiar surroundings.

But on investigating these familiar surroundings, it becomes clear as to how often rubber bumper stops are met with in one’s own home. In a conventionally furnished apartment, you will find bumper stops of the most varied designs in, for instance, technical appliances, doors, furniture and in numerous other light and large appliances.

Buffers, plugs and mounting feet


Typical fields of application for bumper stops

Bumper stops absorb kinetic energy. As such, doors, flaps and other moving openings and parts are often equipped with them. They basically ensure the prevention of damage or noise from any pronounced shocks. In view of their insulating, protecting and absorbing properties, bumper stops are also frequently used as adjustable feet. Used in this connection, bumper stops provide for a flexible mounting and make parked or supported objects less sensitive to shocks.

At the same time, the transmission of vibrations and shocks directly from the object itself is considerably lowered. Just remind yourself here of the bases of loudspeakers, mixers and laboratory machines. This is in addition to the endless number of industrial machines/equipment as well as the automobile industry and furniture-making.

GUMMIVOGT high-grade bumper stops

The many varied applications and fields of application for bumper stops often result in many different requirements being placed on them. This not only concerns the hardness, shape, colour and scope for installation but also surface properties of the deployed rubber, such as smoothness and anti-slip characteristics.

GUMMIVOGT bumper stops are found wherever components, devices or machines contend with vibrations or are placed in motion. The company is absolutely uncompromising as regards bumper stop quality. GUMMIVOGT processes throughout high-grade and tested elastomers which are in-house produced.

Of central significance are both the material properties of the elastomers used and the shape and fastening possibilities for bumper stops. In this connection, the GUMMIVOGT standard programme has an exceptionally broad range. In addition, the bumper stops can be custom-ordered in economical batch sizes.